Tuesday, 20 September 2011

TORWars interview Damion Schubert, spills some new details

We are all waiting for news on the Beta Weekends, and in the EU I am sure we are waiting to see when the EU Game Testing invites are going out. This week has been a bit slow news-wise, given there are no major game cons until the weekend. To the rescue comes TORWars with an interview with Damion Schubert.

Hit their site to read the full interview. There are a couple of exclusives in there, the one I am most interested in is that "the ability for group leaders to mark targets with symbols his party members can see just went in". Now apparently this was on the "wall of crazy", but it seems the stuff on there is not at all crazy if this is an example. However, it is good to hear that features like this got put into the launch "based on feedback and metrics from our testing". I certainly can see a group struggling with kill assignments and crowd control in a Flashpoint, without any way of making mobs up.

That is, unless the Flashpoints they have do not require crowd control or kill assignments? In WoW in the Wrath of the Lich King patch, you could pretty much not bother with kill targets or crowd control. The tank could keep aggro on everything and could just actively tank the mob with the lowest health, it was super-easy and everyone could use Area Of Effect spells and damage all the mobs at the same time. Is this the way that Flashpoints in SWTOR are playing out? Or is the sudden addition of marking in the game indicative that mob packs in Flashpoints and Operations actually require some tactics, a specific kill order and some good-old crowd control?

I'd actually prefer the latter when playing with people you can communicate with, but if you are in the business of face-rolling some easy instances for loot, no crowd control, no tactics and no talking seems to be the preferred way to go. At least in WoW it is. I do hope TOR is different.

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