Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Doctors Muzyka and Zeschuk talk aggressive post-launch plans

Gamesindustry.biz have an interview with the founders of Bioware, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, and Massively spotted it. They have a plan for after launch which should make the subscription dollars worthwhile:
We have a really aggressive plan post launch to build content and take the feedback to heart that we're getting from players and what they want for continued expansions, and use that feedback to build new content, so we're releasing regular content drops and regular expansions after launch, and really accommodating what the players are asking for, dependant on what they find most fun in the game.
I just hope these plans do not include going back and adding voice overs to parts of the original game which are perfectly fine without them, natch.

They discuss Free to Play and why SWTOR won't be going F2P any time soon:
I think the quality of volume and content that we provide I think fans will say "yeah, this is the kind of game that merits a premium subscription." And there's probably less room for games like that now, that's probably the reality of the play for free evolution and social as well, social games. There's a lot of alternatives for people's time and dollars now that didn't exists a few years ago, but we're building a premium experience with SW:TOR and we think the fans, at least our feedback from the beta testing research, is that they believe what they're seeing and playing does merit that.
A fairly interesting read, with some background about the business of Bioware.

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