Wednesday, 15 February 2012

[Spoilers] Sith Warrior Chapter 2 Shenanigans

I finally finished Chapter 2 of the Sith Warrior story line last night, and what an ending it was! The following contains spoilers for the SW story in SWTOR.

After hunting down the 4 members of the Republic War Council for Darth Baras and Plan Zero, I was heartily congratulated. The Republic were in shambles, their best war leaders dead by my hand. Now the Empire was ready for war, and the Republic was bound to fail.

One of the targets I had to kill was in his space ship above Quesh, but had somehow gotten wind of the plan to kill him, and escaped. Darth Baras' master, Darth Vengean, had attacked the target and due to the botch, had lost face on the Dark Council.

Now was the time to strike, Vengean was weak and his death would be supported by the council. I was helped by another of Baras' apprentices, Lord Draagh, and together we stormed the sanctuary of Darth Vengean and killed him. This allowed Darth Baras to ascend to a seat on the Dark Council, and our work together would begin. The aim - to destroy the Republic in a galactic war. Baras even called me his "friend".

However, it seemed that first I needed to go fix a problem on Quesh. Apparently the Empire's adrenal supplies were being threatened by the Republic. So off to Quesh I went and was sent to a cave to stop a bomb being detonated, which could destroy the adrenal factory.

I fought my way to the end, but I was too late to stop the Republic officer pushing the detonate button! Except the bomb failed to go off, allowing me to kill him and holocall back to Lord Draagh.

Now the fun began. Draagh revealed that the bomb was not meant for the adrenals, but for me. I had become too powerful for Baras, the real trigger was in the hands of Draagh and I was to die. The bomb was detonated and I ended up on the floor, dead? They forgot about the medical probe, clearly.

Through hazy vision I saw two shadowy shapes stood over me - they discussed whether to help or not. Eventually they decided to leave me there, and if I am "the one" I would come to see them at the base on Quesh. Most mysterious.

Obviously being the awesome Sith I am, plus having some uber modded armour, I recovered and headed back to the base. I met with the two characters who revealed that they are members of "The Emperors' Hand", a covert group who sit between the Emperor and the Dark Council and do his bidding. Not even the Dark Council suspect of the existence of such a group.

Now this is where it got really quite awesome - I was to become The Emperor's Wrath, working for the Emperor directly, above the Dark Council. My work will be striking down the enemies of the Emperor, the first of which is Darth Baras. Baras is trying to convince the rest of the Dark Council that he is The Voice Of The Emperor, speaks the Emperor's truths and should be followed. Quite why the Emperor won't come out of reclusivity and tell the Dark Council Baras is a fake is unknown.

Because Baras thinks I am dead, I can operate in secret, and the agents of The Hand Of The Emperor are every where. I was good with this plan, after all I owed Baras payback.

If you thought turning a Jedi Master and his apprentice was cool, working for the main man The Emperor in a secret uber-group is utterly awesome. Given who else was The Emperor's Wrath, the position is a very awesome one.

The first step is to stop Baras freeing his sister, one Darth Ekkage, imprisoned on Belsavis...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sith Warrior Vengeance pre-Shatter priority

Using this build in the Vengeance tree, I got the core skill of Impale early on. However, I have been playing without Shatter for a while, so here is what I've been doing.

Recall the Sith Warrior way is to build rage then spend it, your Assault and Sundering Assault build the rage, along with Smash and Force Charge. I tend to Force Charge into a pack of mobs, then Smash (which is rage free with this build). Then build some rage with 1 Sundering Assault, putting it on cool down.

Without Shatter, the priority is quite straight forward; Impale will apply a buff which makes Force Scream get 60% extra crit (thanks to the Savagery talent), thus you always want to Impale, then Force Scream before the buff falls off. So I tend to then Impale and immediately Force Scream.

After that it's a case of waiting for Impale to come back off cool down, so I build more rage, keeping Sundering Assault on cool down and filling in with Smash and Assault. The Decimate talent makes Smash hit hard, so it is worth using when not on CD, below Impale and a Savagery-enhanced Force Scream.

Sometimes you will be almost capping your rage before Impale is off CD, in which case I tend to spend the extra rage on a Retaliation, because it is off the GCD, so you can then immediately hit another spell. Going over the 12 rage cap is bad, but so is not having the rage to do an Impale.

Now the Savagery buff lasts 9 seconds, so you do not always need to Scream after you Impale. In fact, if the mob has low health, I will Assault to build rage and finish it off (with a single Assault), then Scream at the next target. Thus not over-killing the mob I was fighting. Even better is Force Scream works at range, so you can use it while running at a mob (if Force Charge is on CD).

This priority is all very natural and flows together well. Adding Shatter into the mix is a bit more interesting, it needs a Sundering Assault debuff on the mob to work, which can be tricky in packs, so I am still feeling my way through what order to use the skills in when you have Shatter.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Space Combat Guide

One thing I quite like in Star Wars The Old Republic is Space Combat. I've seen a load of video guides, so here is a text guide to Space Combat in Star Wars The Old Republic.

What is Space Combat?
Space Combat is best described as a rail shooter, in space. Where no one can hear you scream at that asteroid you just collided with.

The game camera follows a set route through the action, ducking and diving around asteroids, capital ships and clusters of fighters. Your ship is on screen and can move around the screen, you get a reticle to target your missiles and blaster fire, and must both target enemies and move your ship to dodge oncoming fire and objects. Like those annoying asteroids.

A mission has a timer which is typically of the order of 5 minutes, and you have objectives, such as shoot X missile launchers, or kill some named ship. When your time is up, the mission ends and you get your reward if you completed the objectives.

Rewards are space commendations, to spend on ship upgrades, and some ship upgrades are actually handed out at the end of the mission.

You take damage during the mission, so it can also end if your hull explodes.

How Do I Play?
When you get your class ship, you can use the captains chair to access the galaxy map. Some destinations on the map are planets, some are Space Combat missions.

Fly to a Space Combat mission and Bob's your Jedi Uncle - you enter the mission.

Left click on the mouse to fire lasers, hold it down to continuously fire. Right click fires missiles - you can target an enemy, right click and release, and the missile will seek the target. Alternatively, you can hold right mouse and move the cursor over multiple mobs, up to 4, to "paint" the targets. Releasing the button will fire all the missiles at once.

The character movement keys will move the ship around the screen somewhat, this should be used to avoid lots of laser fire, enabling you to target enemies with the reticle.

Space bar will do a barrel roll, which avoids lasers.

When Do I Get My Class Ship?
You get this upon completing your class quests on the second planet you hit, the planet after the starter planet. For Republic this is Coruscant, for Sith Drummond Khaas.

Note you just need to complete your class quest, not all quests on the planet. Thus if you have a high level friend, you can secure your ship at level 12-13. If you do the quests normally, you may get your ship at level 14-15.

How Do I Know What Difficulty Mission Is?
Space Combat missions have a description which tells you what level if upgrades are needed for the mission. They are also colour coded: grey, blue, red in increasing order of difficulty.

How Do I Upgrade My Ship?
Your ship will appear on the Character panel, in a Ship tab. It has slots which can have items put into them, similar to character armour. Upgrades come from various sources: Cybertech can craft ship parts, you get them from completing missions, and they can be bought from the Ship Equipment vendor in the Fleet. This vendor hangs out near the Galactic Trade Market terminals.

What Upgrades Are Available?
You can get a variety of items for each slot: energy shield, beam charger, beam generator, missile magazine, energy shield generator and ship armor.

Upgrades come in various levels, and are restricted by character level. This means until you are level 17 you cannot kit your ship out with level 1 starship upgrades. This design limits which encounters you can complete, sone are too hard until you have a certain level of upgrades.

A shield is recommended, there are few missions you can do without one. Without a shield your hull takes damage and when it is empty, the ship explodes. A shield will take damage and when you are not firing blasters, will recharge.

There are also slots for which you buy items with currency, which then unlock different gameplay. By which I mean abilities will appear on keys 1-6 during space combat and on the small action bar.

Shield modulator - this lets you either put power to shields, weapons or a mix. Full power to shields (captain) makes them regenerate quicker, but blaster power is rubbish so you won't kill much. Full power to bladders means slow shield regen but hard-hitting blasters. This is only available for commendations.

Proton Torpedo Tube - can be used to kill hard targets, by holding down the right mouse button while keeping the target under the reticule for 5 seconds.

EMP Generator - An AOE damage ability.

Electronic Warfare Pod - Means you can become untargetable by jamming your enemies. Useful for moments in missions where there is loads of fire heading your way.

The Imperial fleet, with Starship vendor area highlighted
Where Do I Get The Upgrades?
From the fleet, in the ring below the Galactic Trade Network is the Starship vendor, who sells items for credits. Also there is the commendations vendor, who sells items for space commendations, and moddable pilot style clothes.

Cybertech crafters can make parts as well, provided they have the schematics, which come from Slicing missions. Cybertech can make level 2 and 4 items, many of which are better than the tier above. There are also prototype (purple) items which only Cybertechs can make. So check the GTN.

The schematics for the tier 2 and 4 items come from Slicing missions, sometimes as well as a lock box you will receive some tasty ship schematic.

On your ship, from behind your captains chair, is a comms unit on the wall. This gives you your initial role play about space combat and also hands out daily quests to do certain encounters.

Completing a daily will award many more commendations, like 4 or 5. So they are well worth doing, until you buy everything from the commendations vendor.

Progression seems to be limited by your character level. The ship has no level, and is bare and only upgraded by items, the ultimate level-less MMO going on here. You need to level your toon to be able to equip the better items, which then makes your ship good enough to tackle the harder Space Combat missions.

At endgame, being level 50, you can equip everything and get doing those hard missions. To really succeed I suspect you need to grind credits to buy the purple ship items.

What Else Can I Spend Commendations On?
For 100 commendation tokens you can buy an Ancient Prototype Storage Box which contains a random Blue item. For the end game, you can spend 375 commendations on an Ancient Artifact Storage Box, which contains a random purple item. This can be armour or a mod and is reported as being level 47-49, thus is for end game. The items look like being BOE as well, so you can always sell them on the GTN for credits.

Given a day's worth of Space Combat missions will net around 100 commendations, this is a fun but risky way to grab some extra gear at level 50. It is likely easier to concentrate on the ground dailies, but if you have many spare commendations, why not spend them on purples?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Life At 50: A Player's Perspective, Sith Edition

Yes, I have another forum post from the guild describing life at level 50, this time from the Sith point of view. There are some spoilers in here.

**SPOILER ALERT** There is some reference to the level 50 Flashpoints with clips of their stories, do not read this section if you do not wish to learn what these Flashpoints have in store for you.

So your class quest is now at an end… is that the end of the story for you?

For me it definitely wasn’t. I had more to do at level 50 than when I was actually levelling the character.

The biggest one for me was my dailies. Grinding may not be your favourite thing in the world, but it is a necessary evil. Dailies gave me 250k credits per day, epic mods for my gear to bring my character up to raiding standards so I did not need much from Hardmode Flashpoints.

Starting in Belsavis having collected the Bonus Series quest from the Bulletin Board at The Fleet near the Sith Inquisitor Airlock entrance called “Inner Power” (available from level 48 about) where a droid stood called T9-M6; I headed to Belsavis Spaceport and handed it in to a man called Agent Brandis and took the shuttle to the surface.

Belsavis is an ancient prison planet, the republic’s dirtiest kept secret. Having done your missions whilst levelling and causing chaos its time to cause even more chaos as you progress to dailies and their rewards. Rewards are : Companion moddable weapons, blue “surprise” boxes, 3 commendation badges for heroic missions, 2 out of the three epic mods for your gear and 13k credits each or one commendation badge and 7k credits each. I personally get Affection for Telos Drellik or Ashara Zavros companions if they are out when I take the missions (so if you need this affection don’t accept the missions from another player collect them yourself) if they are out when the missions are collected.

Upon reaching the surface I headed to Imperial Domination Outpost Speeder point that was given to me and collected the quests. I had four missions to do here. “Invisible Threat,” “Unintended Consequences” “Heroic 4 Lights Out” “Heroic 4 Old Enemies.”

As a stealthing Asssassin tank, there is only one of those dailies I needed a group for. “Old Enemies” requires you to kill a boss at the end, which has far too much health for you to take down alone even with your healer companion. However, with a stealthing player in the group, you do not have to kill the preceding 2 groups of trash before the boss. Go stealth, use blackout to avoid the first set of mobs, then stealth to the back of the boss. Hit him which exposes you. He will attack. Use Force Cloak to go back into stealth. The boss will then ignore you and head for the other three players at the entrance, without aggroing any of the other mobs you have skilfully passed. Then you have to return to the group at the entrance as quickly, but as carefully as possible in order that you do not pull any more mobs for the group to deal with. Having returned, I then taunt the boss back onto me that one of the more hard-wearing armour wearers have been tanking for me, and tank it myself. We proceed to kill the boss. This method in total takes literally five minutes, then I am free to do the rest of my Belsavis dailies alone.

“Lights Out.” For an assassin is totally soloable. I dismiss my companion. I can stand taking hits from packs of mobs, but for those of you who cannot, use the companion to distract them as you stealth to each console, deactivate it and use Force Cloak to return to stealth. If your cloak bugs and does not drop the mobs, then a skilled player can force speed run out of the entrance to drop them, as the dungeon area is only small. The other option is to go naked, as naked players and companions do not take repair costs at the time of composing this, and die twice, using your medical probe to revive yourself. The rewards for this as well as the Daily Commendation Badges is moddable gear for your companions, or a blue box with some random goodie item in.

“Old Enemies” gives you one of the mods for your gear, so is important. The other two missions are soloable anyway, but done with a group makes quick work of them.

Having handed these in, I head through the Rakatta Transporter to the northern part of the planet. At the Deep Launchpoint Transporter section I pick up three missions. “Found in Translation” “Invisible Threat” “Ancient Transmissions”

“Found in Translation” has bonus kills attached. I always do these, for my legacy experience. Legacy currently has no rewards, but it takes me but a few minutes to kill those extra mobs, and when it eventually does, I will have a nice legacy to purchase them with. My legacy from doing this and levelling alts currently stands at level 37. Some of you may have it a lot higher.

“Reluctant Volunteers” has “Trying To Impress” as a bonus. This elite is shown as a huge green and gold marker on the map. He doesn’t spawn often and people are there often waiting to tag him. You can solo him but if you see people waiting group with them so you both get the kill. Try not to finish him off you need to use the mission item on him at low health. This turns him green and completes the bonus mission. There is also a bonus to kill the trash around there too.

Having done “Found in Translation” and “Invisible Threat” I head back to Deep Launchpoint Transporter area and hand them in. This part is VERY IMPORTANT. Don’t head north thinking you should hand them in later.

So having done this I then head north to the last mission point, The Tomb Warlord’s Deep. Here I pick up three missions. “Heroic 2 Freeing the Fallen” “The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime” and one from the broken droid SD-9. However SD-9 will ONLY give you his mission IF you handed in the 2 missions above I advised you to hand in before progressing further North.

Whilst doing these missions, you encounter another terminal in a nearby tunnel where a droid gives you a final mission “Deadly Mutations.”

“Freeing the Fallen.” Again as a stealthier I can solo this misson totally. I jump up the sloping pillars in stealth to get past the first pack of mobs. The next pack after avoiding the patrolling mob, I use Blackout to sneak past the small gap on the left side of the group then on the final group I run into these, aggro them and pull them to the boss, then Force Cloak. The boss will go for the mobs. If the mobs kill the boss you get the kill as if you did it. If they don’t it’s a simple matter with your healer companion or however you play to take off his remaining health, but beware of his AOE it does huge damage so I kite him a lot. After he dies go to the very back and disengage the prisons. Mission complete. If you cannot manage the skill of aggroing the previous pack of mobs then go past it up the slope of the pillar to the right and take the boss down yourself. His health is pretty poor doesn’t take long. This mission gives you the second epic mod for your gear.

So 1.5 hours later and having completed 10 daily missions, I Quick Travel to Imperial Lodgement where you came in on the very South-East corner of the map and depart the planet. I head to Illum.

The missions for Illum the frozen contested world are available on completion of your Class mission that has been with you from the start. It sends you to The Fleet to T9-M6 the little droid. He gives you the bonus series for Illum and you need to complete this to gain all of the daily missions. Notice now for the first time ever, you have lost that Class mission that has been with you from level one. You no longer need it though.

I arrive on Illum through the spaceport and head to the surface. I land in Imperial Base Camp a bunker in this frozen waste-land with a lift to a basement where two level 50 Flashpoints “Battle of Illum” and “False Emperor” reside. Here I pick up four missions. “A Tightened Grip” “Defend the Shipment” “Operation Shatterstorm” “Heroic 2 Poisonous Strategy” These missions give 10k each mission for solo missions and the group mission gives you the final epic mod for your gear, and 16k credits.

“Defend the Shipment.” At the time of composing this, this mission is bugged. If you are in “Illum 1” when clicking on the crates it states “This is already in use” and won’t spawn the mobs to defend the shipment from. Due to this I re-locate to “Illum 2” where normally I have better luck. To re-locate, press your “M” key for map, on the bottom right corner is a drop down menu saying “Illum 1” or the current version of Illum you are on, just click on the other Illum version and it will go through the options to transport you there. However, if you do this, I would highly recommend doing your group for “Poisonous Strategy” first where the most players probably are to group with. General chat is where to make groups from.

“Poisonous Strategy” it says it is a 2 player mission. Yes it is doable with 2 players, provided they are either highly skilled at pulling the 2 Jedi elites from their AOE as it does a lot of damage, or, my preference is to go for a full group of four, with tank and healer and 2 DPS. Sure-fire way of not failing and doing the mission fast.

Next I travel from the Imperial Base Camp West to Imperial Waystation. Here I pick up a further two missions. “Rightful Owner” “Sabotage” both solo missions and easy to do.

So about one hour later I leave Illum, having completed six missions.

The dailies take me a total of 2.5 hours per day to do, or 2 hours if I do them with just one other person. If you do not have this amount of time priorities the Illum dailies. The commendation badges do give epic mods out too, but the gear from the commendations is amazing quality so they are better spent on gear really.

SPEEDER - 110%

This is another thing that awaits you. Why do I want a speeder that is only 10% faster than the one I bought at level 40? Well, for me the biggest answer is the chance to dismount is nearly nill. I can wade through packs of mobs and not get dismounted. Maybe the dismount rate is reduced if you’re a DPS without the avoidances of a tank, but its still very high. This means you do not have to spend half your life killing mobs that have dismounted you and makes the whole mission experience a lot easier. You’re making all that cash on dailies now, so it is easily affordable, even if you have to purchase the Rank 2 and Rank 3 speeder training to achieve this. Yes, sadly you cannot jump from rank 1 speeder training straight to rank 3, you have to buy rank 2, which is why when I levelled I did not spend my cash on crew skills and used it on speeders instead. I have to have rank 2 speeder training so I made use of it and levelled my last 10 levels fast on the 100% speeder.

Quesh has some really nice level 40 speeders, some skins look like some of the level 50 ones. They are available at the first base you land at. I bought my speeder there before I was level 40 so I did not have to return to the planet to purchase it. The Fleet has a very small selection also.

Your level 50 speeder can be purchased from Voss has a wide selection, or The Fleet has a very small selection. On Voss the speeders are in The Market area.


Your level 50 Flashpoints. You may be able to access normal mode at level 48. There are dailies on The Fleet from the Supplies section on Bulletin Boards, with mission drop-box attached to hand them in to. As you level the other daily missions also give you huge XP rewards.

A Darth has become mad with power, and has taken over the Imperial fleet of Proto-type Stealth fighters. However you learn of one stealth-fighter has been put in a base alone so you go to the base as a group and capture the fighter.

In False Emperor you are flown on this stealth fighter to the Darth’s space station where you end up putting an end to his miserable existence.

As you leave Spacedock in the stealth fighter, the cinematic shows you flying out and the ship stealthing, The whole animation and experience is amazing.


In Illum each day you will see in general chat “invite to Ops.” These are players asking to be invited to the ops group for the two remaining speeder points on the planet that take you to PVP lakes where you do dailies from The Fleet and the area for PVP epic gear. You have fun killing Republic players.

So you’re level 50. Still lots to do, maybe not as varied but it certainly is a full experience. So, go out there, buy that new speeder, get that lovely epic gear, and become operations-ready all from the Dailies. Yes, eventually money is no longer a problem for levelling alts or whatever you want. Already I know a friend who joined Star Wars on release and is sat on 8.5 million credits, its that easy to make them. He has bought everything he could possibly want. Its all waiting for you, just find a friend to do the monotonous dailies with to chat to, and a group to run the Flashpoints with so you end up running them fast without wipes. Yes you do need all the mods from dailies to do False Emperor on Hardmode, but the easier Hardmode Black Talon can be done in half blue gear half epic gear as it is a lot easier.

Have fun and good luck to you new level 50’s.
 And a response describing more:
Good detailed post. You do the quests in pretty much same order I used to although as a non stealther I usually do the heroics grouped. The lights out quests can be solo'd as a non stealther too but does involve suiciding in to click the panels. I think (but not verified) that its just one prereq quest to unlock the SD9 one, but even so I'd still do what you suggest.

I'd also add that it is worth trying to do a daily hard mode (and weekly hard mode) quests - BT is good enough and should only take 30 mins, these give tokens towards tier items which are pretty nice. A quick note about the gear:

All the vendors are in the supplies area of the fleet.

- Tionesse: Tionesse is the lower level stuff that require Tionesse crystals and Tionesse commendations.
- Columi: This is the next up which require either Columi commendations or a token (a token is matched to a particular item type, e.g. "unnassembled columi Boundy Hunter boots" which can be handed in for one of the set peices for mercs (healer or dps set) or powertech (dps or tank specs ones)).
- Rataka: This is the highest level gear and can only be obtained with rataka tokens (same concept as columi tokens)

How to obtain the crystals/commendations/tokens:
- Hard mode FP, each boss/mini boss drops tionesse crystals (2 usually). Completing the flashpoint awards you 1 tionesse commendation. Some bosses in hardmodes (typically the end boss and sometimes one of the others) drop unassembled columi tokens which can be handed in directly for an item. Bosses can also drop some columi (normally the harder bosses) or tionesse level gear. Doing the daily awards you 2 (i think) tionesse commendations and 1 columi commendation. Doing the weekly (complete 3 hard modes) gives you 6 Tionesse commendations and 3 Columi commendations.
- Opertions (Normal): These drop Columi commendations on each boss (2 i think) as well as Columi tokens and other Columi level items.
- Operations (Hard): I think these drop the same number of Columi commendations and Columi tokens but the bosses also drop some rataka tokens
- Operations (Nightmare): These drop a higher ratio of rataka tokens to columi tokens, but other than that feels the same as hard modes.
Pretty nice, I look forward to grinding out 2 hours when I hit 50. I mean not... maybe I'll level an alt!

Monday, 6 February 2012

[Spoilers] I've Done A Bad Thing

Spoilers for the Sith Warrior story line ahead.

I got to the end of the Sith Warrior Chapter 1. After hunting down the mysterious Padawan's family, to flush her out, I found her family. Rather than kill them, I got them to swear loyalty to the Empire and sent them off to Drummond Khaas. When I contacted my master, Darth Baras, he was pleased... because he can torture them and make their daughter feel their pain. I claimed this was always part of my plan!

This plan, although horrible, did work and she contacted me to meet. Problem was, it was a setup and her master eventually called Baras out for a duel. Of course, he sent me and I faced her master in combat. Now this is the really bad part.

It seems the Padawan's master Nomen Karr has a vendetta against Darth Baras, and the combat on Hutta takes place over 3 encounters. Each time he is beaten and I taunted him to give into his anger to kill me. Long story short, at the end of the fight I had turned this Jedi Master to the dark side, complete with Sith corruption effects!

Jaesa Willsaam, the Padawan, then decides that she will take me on. I defeated her, and she is amazed she cannot kill me. She comes to realize the power of the dark side, that if I can turn her master, then the Light side is too weak. So not only have I turned a Jedi Master to the dark side, but I get a shiny new dark-side Padawan companion in the form of Jaesa.

Wow, what an awesome end to Chapter 1!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Oh yes, finally Zero Punctuation have reviewed SWTOR. Check out the video below to see what they thought!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Skywalker Legacy

Given the Legacy system is intent upon tying up your toons together into some sort of family, let's take a look at the central family of the Star Wars movies, the Skywalker family.

Shmi Skywalker is the mother of Anakin, she was a slave in Episode 1, but a minor NPC otherwise. The father of Anakin is said to be "The Force". Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi Knight class who was bought out of slavery by Qui-Gon Jin (Jedi Knight) and subsequently married Padme Amidala, diplomat and gunslinger. Of course due to his mother's death and the influence of Palpatine (Sith Inquisitor), Anakin gained many dark side points and at the end of Episode 3, actually changed class to the Sith Warrior class.

Now the step brother of Anakin was Owen, who later married Beru. They are mere moisture farmers and thus again NPC class in SWTOR.

Anakin and Padme had two children; Luke and Leia Skywalker. Luke was later to become a Jedi Knight class again, whereas Leia was again a diplomat/gunslinger like her mother. Luke was raised by Owen and Beru Skywalker, whereas Leia was raised by her adopted parents Bail and Breha Organa.

In the expanded universe there are offspring from marriages between Leia and Han Solo (Smuggler), and Luke and Mara Jade.

So there is plenty of opportunity to tie up Republic and Sith, and different classes into a Legacy.