Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Are we there yet?

Stephen Reid says no, and stop asking. They will tell you when they are there! Now play Eye Spy or something, be quiet in the back there damnit!

Originally Posted by Diedel View Post
saw that one too, but i cant figure out if he stated a date for that post before.
No, I didn't.

When we have an announcement to make for any form of testing, we'll make it. That applies whether it's inviting more European testers to the main Game Testing program, starting another Beta Testing Weekend, or anything similar.

Until then, we're not going to answer the question of, essentially "Are we there yet?" on a daily basis. As soon as we know dates, we'll let you know.

Before anyone makes up a conspiracy around this - this is normal. We will roll out the next build to internal testers first, then to pre-existing Game Testing members, then finally we'll add new people and line up our next Beta Testing Weekend.

Stay tuned.

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