Thursday, 29 September 2011

My beta invite has become... precious to me

There has been major ranting on the forums about people going to Eurogamer getting invites, before those who signed up on the SWTOR website.

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I think the general vibe has been miss understood by Mr Reed however, the reason people have sour grapes over this topic is the fact that people are annoyed that the key note attendees have received something that is practically coveted simply for listening to the good doctors speech, even if they lacked enough interest in the game to actually have signed up on the TOR site.
No, I do understand, but I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it. We gave a pre-order code to everyone in the room during San Diego Comic-Con. We gave t-shirts to everyone who played the game at many different events. We gave unique concept art to some people who turned up to our meet 'n' greet during PAX East.

While I totally understand that testing access is arguably the most 'prized' thing of all of these, all I can say is... come see us at a show if you can. You never know what surprises we might have in store.

Everyone who pre-orders the game and redeems their code will get to play it early. Many, many people will also get to play during testing in some form. Others may be lucky enough to get testing access in some other way. We'll get as many into testing as we can, in as many ways as we can.

While it may be "coveted" to have a beta invite, or even get some Beta Weekend (eh Europe), the thing in my mind is that the game is out on the 22nd December 2011. According to my little count down ticker, that's 83 days from now. Which is like 12 weeks or 3 months.

If you can't wait for 3 months to play the game, then I am truly sorry for you. Omg other people get to play it before you do. How awful. It's funny, because in life there are other people doing things you've not done before, all the bloody time. Plus sometimes you have to damn well wait for things.

So am I sorry I didn't go to Eurogamer? Yes, but I'd have been playing on Thursday or sommat and also missed the keynote, I'll get to play on the 22/12. Am I sorry I didn't go to London for the Meet and Greet? Yes, but that's because it looked like fun, not because I "missed" out on a free beta key.

I guess I'll just have to somehow fill 3 months of time before I get my hands on a polished and working game, one in which my toon won't get wiped regularly.

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