Friday, 23 September 2011

Extra security on

From a few hours ago, you now need to add some security questions to your SWTOR account when you log in.

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure account security, we’ll begin asking all account holders to add security questions to their accounts on Wednesday, 9/21. After our weekly scheduled maintenance (which typically ends around 10:00AM CDT), account holders who log out and log back in will be asked to add these questions.

Eventually, these questions will be used to help verify your identity, so please use answers you are sure to remember.


3 questions I shall ask...
SWTOR security set up
The text reads:
You must set up your security questions before continuing.

Security questions help protect your account against unauthorized use by providing us with additional ways to confirm your identity.

You will be asked a security question in certain circumstances such as:

    * When you use a new computer or internet address to log on to your account
    * When your character does something unusual

If you can't answer the question correctly, your account will be locked and you will need to contact Customer Service, so it's important you supply valid questions and answers!
You then get to set at least 3 questions and answers, from a set of questions.

SWTOR security questions
Now it is interesting that the text says "When you use a new computer or internet address to log on to your account", as this could mean when you log into the game itself, it will ask you some of these security questions.

So will there be an authenticator on a separate device as well, because in my mind that is the best way to secure your account. No hacker can get their hands on a physical device which shows a code, however hard they try. Ok well maybe they can if they try really hard.

Remember these responses, if SWTOR lasts as long as Wow, you will be needing to answer them for years to come.

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