Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Darth Hater interviews Chris Collins, European head

Darth Hater interviewed Chris Collins at Eurogamer Expo. Among the topic were the European centers and thus the EU testing:
Off the top of my head they probably won't differ. The European testing center is very close to coming online -- and I know everyone hates the whole 'soon' terminology or imminent or whatever sort of different word I want to throw in there -- but it is something we need to make sure is ready.
 He did say they will not announce anything until it is 110% ready. So I am hoping for a Beta Weekend for 8/9th October.

Why not 1st and 2nd? Stephen Reid said they are inviting Game Testers to try this new client, so given that is happening this week, I find it unlikely the Beta weekends will start this coming weekend, whereas a week to test with external testers should be enough to judge whether the client is ready for Beta Weekend testing. I hope by then the EU data center will be online and they will want to get feedback from us Europeans about the ping experience, and of course those all important translations.

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