Friday, 30 September 2011

Galaxy Map feature preview

The Galaxy Map has just gone live on This lets you see the galaxy, how it is split up in Star Wars The Old Republic, and see which planets are in each area.

The galaxy is split into 5 regions: Seat of The Empire, Unknown Regions, Coreward Worlds, Hutt Space and Distant Outer Rim. The site shows which planets are in each region, and some random facts about the region.

However, if you think that is impressive, you ain't seen nothing yet. By clicking on the "Explore the Galaxy in 3D" link, you get a whole 3D application which lets you move around the galaxy like in Mass Effect, exploring each planet.

You can move the map around, zoom in and out, then click on a planet. It then swaps to show the planet in glorious 3d.
But there is more, each planet has a detailed description about it, as well as a list of allegiance, status, terrain type and some key facts.

Simply awesome. But what if that is not enough? How could it not be?

How about the ability to view all the player star ships, in 3D? Spin them around, read some details about them? That would be pretty cool too, wouldn't it.

So Bioware delivers on the cool this Friday, they seem determined to keep me busy clicking around star maps. So I shall be busy.

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