Friday, 24 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

E3 round up

E3 is now over, and quite a lot was revealed about The Old Republic.

The TOR website have a summary page up with videos about the game features, a short raid video, and a walk through of a quest on Tatooine by Dallas Dickinson.

During E3 lead writer Daniel Erickson was quite busy. He did a live demo of Bounty Hunting around Tatooine, the same missions as the one by Dallas Dickinson, but he also answered a load of questions during it, which was very interesting.

SWTOR-UK have been very busy finding videos for all the days, they have SWTOR Companions walkthough, a couple of interviews with Daniel Erickson, another interview with Gamespot.

SWTOR life have also been posting loads of cool stuff, including a rundown of information learned at E3.

TORWars have a few interviews with Erickson, including the funniest one I've seen.

Darth Hater was there and bringing good interviews and video content.

Overall it was very exciting to watch this stuff remotely and a personal highlight was to watch the live demo live over the web. I am now massively hyped about the game and it can't come out soon enough!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New TOR trailer: Return

Bioware have released the eagerly anticipated new trailer for SWTOR, featuring the same crazy movie-like stuff as the previous two. It's like an actual Star Wars mini film! Very impressive stuff.

In it I think we see the Smuggler being all han-soloish, some trooper action, Jedi knight and consular. On the Sith side there is one maybe two Sith Warriors plus a Sith Inquisitor. I guess we had our Bounty Hunter in the Deceived trailer.

At various points the Jedi Knight hurls objects toward his opponent, I hope we can do that in the game, because it is quite a signature Force move, plus it's really cool.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


The Electronics Entertainment Expo is this Monday, so the The Old Republic news has started to come out already. Gamespot have a very nice interview and video with some of the Bioware guys about the game.

They discuss that they will have raids, called "operations", vehicles in the game to travel around quicker, maybe ship customization, and they discuss some of the crafting options. I am a fan of crafting (and made a fair bit in SWG crafting speeder bikes), so I am glad to hear that SWTOR will let crafters create some fairly powerful items to fill in slots, and maybe even some best in slot items if you hit upon an awesome recipe.

Apparently the game is playable on the floor at E3, so expect long queues, but may the force be with you if you wait, I'm sure it will be cool.