Thursday, 30 April 2015

New blog: Cloud and Tech

Off topic, but I have started a new blog called Cloud and Tech, where I will be posting about Cloud computing and various tech items of interest to me!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Level 50 Sith Warrior DPS Gearing Part 2

Next up in gearing a level 50 Sith Warrior DPS, is the relic slot. One of these can be filled using a purchased relic from the dark side vendor in the Imperial Fleet. However, there is a nice relic available with 58 Strength, 50 Endurance and 24 Critical if you want to travel the galaxy in search of matrix shards. Which I did.

First up you need 3 Green Matrix shards. Luckily NotCasuals have posted a great video showing you how to get them, almost.

They did miss out the section on how to get Rakata Cubes on Belsavis. Luckily this video shows you how to do it:

It took me around 30 minutes to get my Rataka Cubes, so not bad really.

Once the three Green Matrix shards are in your possession, head to Drummond Khaas to the Ancient Assembly Chamber. This is the instanced cave to the left as you head up the outside stairs on the approach to the Dark Temple. Simply slap a cube into each slot and press the button on the console and you receive a new relic.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Level 50 Sith Warrior DPS Gearing Part 1

Given my Sith Warrior Juggernaut has hit level 50, I have begun the gearing process. The spec of the toon is DPS in the Vengeance tree, but the gear is the same for any old DPS Jugg.

First up is to hit the dailies to gain a couple of things. One is the daily commendations which are traded for two implants (Rakata Weaponmaster's Pakage) and a ear piece (Rakata Weaponmaster's Device). This runs to 120 x 3 = 360 daily commendations, a lot. However, the implants are bind on equip, so you can grind them on an alt, get a friend to buy them or get them off the GTN. Buy the items from a vendor in the first area on Belsavis.

Secondly is that 3 of the dailies give armoring, modifications and enhancements for any moddable gear you have. Now I have 5 armor items and a light sabre which can be modded. Alas these dailies are the group quest dailies, so cannot generally be soloed. They are:

Old Enemies - Belsavis
Freeing The Fallen - Belsavis
Poisonous Strategy - Illum

Get these done 5 times, plus Freeing The Fallen and Poisonous Strategy again for another mod and enhancement for your light sabre.

Accessing Dailies
To get the Belsavis dailies, do the Belsavis bonus quests starting at level 49, from the Imperial Fleet, or just go to Belsavis and you will get them from the landing port.

To get the Illum dailies, complete your class quest and then take the Illum quest from the Imperial Fleet, do a first set of quests and a lot of them turn into dailies.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Patch 1.2 UI Customization Video

No, not the official video Bioware posted up, no. Something far more different.

Here is the video I made of the patch 1.2 UI customizations, from the PTR. Now I had intended on looking at the Legacy system and other exciting things, but Bioware haven't got character copying working yet, so the only toons allowed on the PTR are your own low level toons. Oh, or you can level a character on the PTR which they probably won't wipe. Unless they do. No premade level 50 toons either, which means testing things on the PTR is restricted to low level things. Such as the new UI fiddlings.

The video is embedded above, but there are 720p and 1080p versions on YouTube so you can see the new UI menus very clearly. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Level 50 Now What?

I dinged level 50 on Eveaider, Sith Warrior, handing in the final quest of the Belsavis bonus quest series. When I hit level 49 I skipped over to Belsavis and, in the orbital space station, accepted the start of the bonus series.

Why? Because the quests on Belsavis turn into dailies which give daily commendations and mods. Plus doing 1 set of the quests got me to level 50!

So what now? Now to finish the class quest back on Corellia, plus do some side quests for commendations to get my gear upgraded. Then off to Belsavis to do those dailies for mods and commendations.

Once I complete my class quest, dailies open up on Illum, so I'll be able to do those for commendations too. Eventually I can buy some nice gear with these commendations which will see me ready for heroic flashpoints and raids.

However there is a wrinkle, and that is the lack of group finding and dungeon finding features. The daily quests which give mods and armour for gear all require a group of various sizes. This means lurking around waiting for people to answer a LFM message, or put out such a message themselves. Now thus waiting can be done while doing the other soloable dailies, but for those without a large play time, not finding groups can become annoying.

The lack of a dungeon finder is why I've run so few flash points. When the choice is hanging around the space fleet for an hour, or going to quest some more, I always choose questing. Now at level 50 the class quest is gone, I am left with dailies or hanging around the fleet looking for a group.

Roll on 1.3 and it's promised Flash point finder!