Thursday, 22 September 2011

Beta Weekend September 23-25 speculation!

@ScottD408 tweeted:
@SWTOR @Rockjaw So is it safe to assume since no announcement has been made for Sept 23-25 that there will be no Weekend Beta this weekend?

Sneaky @Rockjaw replied:

@ScottD408 Yes :)
However, that was actually in response to the previous tweet:
@Rockjaw @SWTOR was there a facebook image today?

So no official denial yet, but given it is Thursday I am not holding out much hope for this weekend. They only said they want to get testing of the new client done before another Beta Weekend yesterday: "We're pushing out a major new build, we're getting in our external testers to look at it soon, and then we'll re-start our Game Testing Weekends". So if soon is like Thursday or Friday, they will likely want a while to test. So my thoughts are that we may see a Beta Weekend October 1-2. I hope complete with European testers!

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