Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Eurogamer Expo Meet and Greet Q&A

Darth Hater have a transcript of the Eurogamer Expo Meet and Greet Bioware held in London. Most of the talk covered information we already have, but Daniel Erickson did confirm that Achievements are in:
DE : Not correct. Achievements have made ship in fact.
Although just the complete quest line variety.

They said there will be 8 characters per server, then a overall limit they are not ready to say. Which seems reasonable, as that is one of each Advanced Class per server.

Stephen Reid also talked about the EU beta and Beta Weekends, and how everyone who was at the Eurogamer keynote and the meet and greet will be getting into beta:
In fact, as you can tell, we took five hundred odd names today. So we're taking them in as fast as we can. Will we invite people in this room? If you weren't given a little ticket today from me, if you weren't at the keynote session, assuming you stay around, because you're going to have to stay around so we can get your name and everything else, we'll put everybody who's here tonight in testing.
He didn't really say which testing however, Beta Weekend or General Testing. There has of course been rumblings on the forum that if you didn't go to Eurogamer you won't be getting into Beta, which is clearly rubbish because they are running the weekends up until launch. We have 2 and a bit months of Beta Weekends, of course they won't be running every single weekend, but still, that is a lot of chance to get in.

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