Saturday, 3 September 2011

More on EU testing

A post on Twitter by @RockJaw points to this forum post about EU testing:

Some of you may have seen Stephen's update on Twitter with regards to the EU invites. Further to this, due to a number of issues with key systems, it may be early next week before we send the next batch out.

The systems in question are necessary to get players in-game once you've received the invites, so we need to make sure these issues are resolved before inviting more testers.

Again, as Stephen mentioned - there is still a chance the invites could go out today, but as it stands, early next week is looking more and more likely. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, including any broken F5 keys, or Birthdays that we may miss.
This was posted Friday, so I guess this means the wave of EU Game Testing invites may be out early the coming week, which is not so bad anyway. Of course they are not likely to be in the order of 100 thousand, so very many EU folks who are signed up will not get in. Personally, I am far more hoping for a slot in the Beta Testing Weekends, although we have no word yet as to when EU folks will get invites for that.

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