Saturday, 17 September 2011

Reid, Collins & Erickson at HMV Trocadero, London

Exciting news about the SWTOR meet and greet has been posted by Stephen Reid. On Saturday 24th September they will be in London, with alcohol, Reid himself, Chris Collins and the one-and-only Daniel Erickson. However, it is limited to 100 people at once, so Reid suggests you arrive a bit before 8pm, but don't camp out the place from 3pm. I suggest you do camp the place out, because the lines are likely to be out the building and into Leicester Square.
Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to re-announce that we're bring Star Wars: The Old Republic to Eurogamer Expo 2011. This show is near and dear to my (blackened, cold ) heart so I'm very happy we'll be there.

As our news article on the show mentions, we'll have The Old Republic available to play on the show floor for all four days of the Expo. We'll be showing off all four of the Origin Worlds, as well as having PvP matches in the Alderaan and Huttball Warzones.

On Saturday 24th we'll be returning to Gamerbase inside the London Trocadero (more specifically, inside HMV) for a meet 'n' greet. In attendance will be myself, Chris Collins and the one and only Daniel Erickson. This event is entirely free, you've just got to get yourself to the venue.

Unlike our previous Gamerbase event we will not be issuing invites to this meet 'n' greet, however due to fire regulations there is a limit to how many people will be allowed inside the venue. We're told this is roughly 100 people at any time. Once we hit capacity we may conduct a 'one in, one out' policy, or we may clear the venue at some point to allow others in. We'll judge that on the night based on attendance.

We'll have the game playable on dozens of PCs, and will be limiting play time, but arrive a little earlier than 8pm kick-off if you want to get in first (ish). Please don't camp the venue from 3pm or something.

Currently closing time for the event is midnight, although knowing London transport you might want to leave earlier than that.

As well as getting a chance to play the game, we'll also do some Q&A with Daniel to give you an extra reason to come by.

Last but not least, we will be catering the event and alcohol will be included. Therefore unfortunately only those 18 or over will be admitted. Please bring appropriate ID as your age will need to be checked at the door.
Man I'd love to be there, or at Eurogamer, but alas I have the usual non-changeable plans for the weekend. Darth Hater at least will be at Eurogamer and likely this.

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