Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Weekend Testing Aims

With the news that everyone registered on will be in the next Weekend Beta Test, I have begun to think about my aims for the weekend. The weekend may only be 3 days long, and for some of that I may well be busy, so what can I realistically achieve during the weekend?

Playing My Main
Recently an article went up on a fan site arguing that you should play your "main" class during a beta test. The argument goes along the lines that you want to give feedback on a class you're interested in, plus make sure it is for you. This is a good enough argument to convince me.

However, will I play through many levels on a main class? No, I think I will play enough to get an idea of whether I like Bounty Hunter or not, but I do want to try other classes. SWTOR looks like being quite an alting game, with the amazing story lines for all the classes, I want to play through a few other classes on the side. So I need to decide which ones that will be.

The Sith Inquisitor story sounds pretty cool, rising to power and manipulating things behind the scenes. The Imperial Agent story sounds awesome, that you are under cover in some sort of spy movie. The Sith Warrior is the one I am not too sold on, I've only heard you are a rage monster smashing stuff up, so I am actually wanting to try out Sith Warrior and see if it has more depth.

Trade Skills
As a crafter in WoW, I definitely want to check out some trade skills. Now you can have 3 trade skills and apparently one crafting and two gathering. I definitely want to check out how much credits Slicing makes, but I am interested in the Jedi gear making skills. So on the Sith Warrior: Synthweaving, Archeology, Diplomacy or Investigation. For the Bounty Hunter I'll try Slicing, Artifice and maybe Archeology or, if I can mail stuff from the other toon over, Treasure Hunting.

Of course that list is based on my best guess as to what gathering and mission skills might play together with crafting skills, part of the fun will be to find out. I hope it becomes quite obvious, or even that the NPC trainers will give you a hint. "Hey want to Synthweave? Then you'll need Archeology to get the mats" sort of thing would be very handy.

Space Combat
I am quite intrigued by space combat. It seems that one needs merely unlock one's space ship and space combat is available. Posts on the forums suggest that you get your ship when you finish the starting planet, which can be from level 10 upward.

So it may be worth burning through the class quests on the starter planet just to get off it and get my hands on the space ship, on one class at least. Given I intend on playing a Bounty Hunter, I will likely "rush" the BH so I don't totally spoil everything on the starter planet.

Level Aim
So what level is a reasonable one to aim for? Advanced class, Star ship? Advanced class I think is at level 10, so that should be a reasonable one to get to, but ship is likely after that, if I dither around on the starter planets.

Again I'll have to limit what I do to fulfill my aims, so I'll only try to get a ship on one toon, then try some space combat if I can when the ship is unlocked. On the other toon I will get it to level 10 so I can see the Advanced Class choices.

PC Performance
Now a big thing is how well will SWTOR run on my PC? It is at exactly the minimum specs for SWTOR, so I am somewhat nervous. I really want to try the game just to see how it runs on minimum settings, and whether that is acceptable. Running a Flashpoint would be good, because my PC is as slow as it gets during raids in WoW.

Happily just getting the game client and getting logged in will be all I need to get a good idea of whether I need an upgrade or not. Getting a toon off the starter planet and into the Esseles Flashpoint would be a bonus.

With all this to do in merely one weekend, I just hope I don't get rolled into the beta on the last day. If so, I'll just be looking at the game performance and little else!

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