Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Beta Weekend Number 3 This Weekend (12/13)

Some exciting news from SWTOR.com, this weekend of the 12th and 13th is Beta Weekend number 3! Well, that would be exciting if you live in North America, as the thread only mentions that testers from NA are being invited.

So erm EU invites anyone? Is this the case that the thread will be updated when EU invites go out, or are they going to move EU Beta Weekends to another weekend.

Invitations are being sent for a weekend test this weekend!
Sent Nov. 8: Beta Testing Weekend #3 Invites

Who was invited: Testers from North America
What was sent: Beta Weekend #3 Invites
Server locations: US East Coast
Invite status: We are currently in the process of sending these invites, and will continue throughout this evening.

Update: This weekend is not for EU because Bioware are stressing their USA servers, but but Mr Reid says there will be some EU testing ASAP:
Yes, we can, but when we send our next batch of testing invites it'll be to every EU launch country.

One of the reasons for this weekend's Beta Testing Weekend is to specifically stress test servers in our East Coast data center. To help achieve this aim, we're inviting North American players (USA and Canada), who'll be playing in a similar timezone to each other, to help max out the server capacity.

We're absolutely aware of how anxious Europeans are to test The Old Republic, and we're going to be inviting many more Europeans to testing ASAP. I'm not going to suggest a timeframe, but we'll let you know as soon as invites are sent. The next batch of invites for Europeans will be to general Game Testing, which will persist beyond a weekend.
I also hope that they will want to stress the hell out of their Ireland servers too, so there might be a big EU test at some point.

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