Thursday, 10 November 2011

EU Game Testing Invites

So good to his word, Stephen Reid reported that EU game testing invites are being sent out. This is to the ongoing test, which has like 5 weeks left to run, maybe less if they shut the test servers down before launch. Anyway, beggers can't be choosers and all that.

This is somewhat exciting, but less so than a Beta Weekend with the EU included. See, general game testing seems to include a whole lot less people, thus your chance to get in is much better on a Beta Weekend. This is of course tempered with the fact that a general beta invite means you get to play for more than just one weekend.
General Game Testing Invites are now being sent to EU testers.

Sent Nov. 10: General Game Testing Invites

Who was invited: Testers from all European launch countries (see list here)
What was sent: General Game Testing Invites
Server locations: EU servers
Invite status: Invites will continue to be sent during today. E-mails can take some time to be sent, so please check your page to be sure!

Personally I am hitting F5 on the page right now.

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