Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beta Weekend Aiming 25 - 28th November, NDA?

This just in, the Beta Weekend is aiming for Friday 25th to 28th of November, via twitter and web.

Updated the FAQ with this question and answer:

When will the Beta Testing Weekend start?

We are targeting November 25-28 for our upcoming Beta Testing Weekend. Exact timing on when you will be invited will be specified in your invite email.
Now this last part leads to the speculation that they are also testing Early Access, by rolling people into the weekend.

These dates are "Black Friday" to the Monday, so they did at least avoid Thanksgiving day itself.

Stephen Reid tweeted that the Beta client for this weekend may work in the live game, without any re-downloading. Apart from patches, but a few hundred megs is better than 20 gigs. Right?
Will I need to re-download the game client after the upcoming Beta Testing Weekend, or can I use it during Early Game Access?

You may have to re-download the game client, but we are hopeful you will not have to. This will be confirmed after the upcoming Beta Testing Weekend.


This is code for, if there are many changes to make, they may make us download it again. But if there are small tweaks, they may just patch it.

There is also a tweet which hints that something may change with the NDA for the Weekend Beta:

Reedyn: @Rockjaw Will I be allowed to have mates over and try the #betaweekend so I can lure them into #swtor - or would that be breaking the nda?

Rockjaw: @Reedyn Stay tuned....!

One would assume this could mean the NDA will be dropped, or limited.

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