Friday, 4 November 2011

Joining a Sith and Republic Guild

Guild formation phase 3 is upon us, and my Republic guild already has the pre-req 4 pre-orders to get a green check box. The Sith guild I want to join also is a go.

However, on the website, I am unable to join both my Republic and my Sith guild. The site cheerfully tells me that if I apply to a Sith guild, I will be withdrawn from my current guild. Which is frankly rubbish.

Given the game has such a lot of quality class stories, it seems obvious that people will want to play both Sith and Republic at some point. If is to grow into a guild site rivaling Guild Portal (to pick an example), they are going to have to let one account be members of multiple guilds. Not just one Republic and one Sith guild either, but multiple of each.

But for now I have to be content with a promise of a slot in the Sith guild, and an actual slot in the Republic guild.

In other news, early access was teased by Mr Reid as "quite soon" we will have some information. Hopefully that grace period will also get expanded upon, as this directly affects which sort of postage I pay for, for the boxed copy of SWTOR.

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