Friday, 25 November 2011

Beta Weekend Starts Today!

Very exciting, its 9am in the UK, so we have 7 hours to wait, then us weekend testers will be able to try Star Wars The Old Republic. I am totally hyped at this point, but yet I am expecting queues and delays. Finally I will get to join in the fun with all those lucky people the Bioware random number generator picked for beta.

Much has changed since I last posted about the weekend. It was revealed, through the Force, that testers will get access on Friday at 4pm in the UK, and the weekend closes on Monday at 6am. Now forgive me for being silly, but that is not really "Friday to Monday" in spirit. Sure it is technically Friday and Monday, but yeah, like I am going to skip sleep to play a game in which my toon will be deleted when I go to bed!

USA peoples get a better deal, their access is from 10am Central Standard Time till midnight Sunday. Now I can see why this was done, if Europe got some servers at 10am GMT, what do you think would happen? All of America on the EU servers, that's what.

I hope it is different at launch. Early access which starts at 4pm on a particular day cannot be counted as giving you that entire day, more like the evening of the day. I think any American who rolls on a European server just to get a few more hours in, is quite crazy, because they will then have to dump that toon and reroll on their own servers if they came up later. Or, Bioware could use the location information for testers and give them access times which suit when their own local servers come online.

Still, given at this point I am detecting some US-centricity from Bioware, I don't hold out much hope. I suspect Early Access will be 4pm UK time on whatever day I get in. Sigh.

Anyway, despite all this timezone rubbish, it's sure exciting to finally get my hands on the game (queue)!

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