Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Update: All Inclusive Beta Weekend

In a cunning move, Bioware's latest update is quite the doozy:
When we started our Beta Testing Weekends, we told you that each weekend would include more testers than the last. We’re excited to announce that later this month we will be conducting our largest Beta Testing Weekend yet, specifically designed to help us stress test our servers in preparation for the launch of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

How can you take part in this coming Beta Test Weekend? Well, for starters we are happy to announce that anyone who has signed up for our Game Testing Program prior to today, November 11th, will get invited! Invites will be sent in the coming weeks.
So anyone not signed up can try to win codes from various sites, but let's say if you're not signed up to test by now, why on earth would you be interested in testing with merely 2-3 weeks to go?

My money is on the weekend of the 26/27th November, which those in the USA call "Thanksgiving weekend". The next weekend seems too close to the current Beta Weekend, although I would be fine with that too :) Plus there are only 2 more weekends left in November.

Now an intriguing thing raises its head if it is Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving day is Thursday 24th, which usually everyone in the USA has off, and they also generally take Friday 25th too for a nice 4 day weekend. So if the Beta weekend is that weekend, might it run from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th?

Of course, it's a little rough if it is that weekend, because then tech support staff and maybe the developers will have to work during the one period of the year that everyone is off in the USA. Which isn't a problem for those in the Galway server center in Ireland, but I guess those in the USA will be less than impressed.

Anyway that's my speculation, but I guess we will find out more soon. Given I was registered for testing since Bioware allowed it, I should definitely get in this one!

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