Saturday, 12 November 2011

Credit Sellers Already?

A recent post on the blog by a "gold seller" got me thinking, has the gold selling industry started to gather around Star Wars The Old Republic already, like the vultures they are?

The answer seems to be yes. A google search on "SWTOR credits" shows 7 pages full of sites offering to sell them. Despite SWTOR not even being launched.

Prices? One site offered 1000 credits for 3 dollars, one 500,000 credits for 1000 dollars. It's amusing that they don't know what a credit is worth in SWTOR, and do not have any yet, but they can still be offering them for sale.

One site even lists endorsements from customers, because apparently they already have customers. Maybe in beta? Likely these sites are just trying to get top of the search results from Google. With such lies, I wouldn't trust any of them.

So the vultures are gathering. Remember, don't buy credits/gold from sellers, you just encourage account hacking and theft. Go and earn the credits yourself in-game honestly.

Although I have no solid credit-earning tips yet, it has been discussed on Game Breaker TV's The Republic podcast that the Slicing skill is over powered. It seems this is a very good one to pick up while leveling - you can unlock safes, terminals and other things you come across while questing, and receive pure credits from them. In massive amounts, although I expect Bioware to tune that before launch.

Once the game launches I'll be trying to make some credits from trade skills, and discuss that on this blog.

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