Tuesday, 11 October 2011

TORWars article about the Bounty Hunter

TORWars have a pretty nice summary on the Bounty Hunter up on their site. They summarize both roles available to the BH; mid-range DPS & healing, or mid-range DPS and tank.

I am totally planning on playing Powertech. The combination of ranged DPS and tank has sold me, plus I am intrigued to play a ranged tank class.

I guess I am thinking of WoW here, but ranged DPS has the easier job in instances, so I am assuming that SWTOR will be much the same. I would love to be surprised if this is not the case, however. Still, I found in WoW that ranged DPS for instances plus tanking for raids was my preferred way to play. So for the Sith side, Bounty Hunter is looking like the character for me.

Finally I also like the “do anything for money” way I shall be playing my Bounty Hunter. Rather than worrying about climbing the Sith ladder, its credits all the way, baby!

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