Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NYCC Interviews

There were quite a lot of interviews at the New York Comic Con, let's get digging!

Force Junkies interviewed Cory Butler, Live Producer:

TORWars interviewed Stephen Reid, Senior Community Manager:

TORWars interviewed Daniel Erickson and put the transcript on their site. The interview is very awesome and goes into depth on the creative process behind writing the dialog. Having witnessed the great dialog in Mass Effect, I find background on how they write it is very welcome.

Corellian Run Radio interviewed David Bass about the lack of a dungeon finder, Weekend Testing, and the NDA. David Bass said if you group with someone else, the game will ask if you want to join the same instance together on the origin world. So the instancing they have in place in the open world will not stop you playing with a friend, which is nice.

Sadly no one who was interviewed would drop any details about future Beta Weekends, other than there will be some more before launch.

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