Friday, 7 October 2011

Companion Characters Update - Part 2

Part 2 of the developer series on Companion Characters is now up on the SWTOR web site. What is interesting is William Wallace, Senior Game Designer, says that Flash Points may be too hard to complete using a Companion instead of a real player.
Take, for example, the fight we showed at PAX East, in which a group of players fought Captain Shivanek and his pet, Ripper. As we showed in the walkthrough video, the group had to split in two to complete this fight. As the first of several boss battles inside the Taral V flashpoint, it provides a moderately difficult challenge for a group of four players – three players and a companion will find this fight to be a far more challenging obstacle that may take several attempts to overcome. Two players and two companions may find it impossible altogether.
This is a shame, because being able to do max level Flash points with two players and two companions made the game less "massively" multi-player. This is good if you only have 1 other person online but want to hit some instances.

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