Wednesday, 26 October 2011

NYCC Catching Up

What a week to go away, what with the Star Wars The Old Republic press embargo lifting, there has been a serious amount of posts about the game. Luckily Darth Hater summarized them all. From what I read the reaction has been very favourable from all media outlets.

Massively spilled the beans on the crafting system.

The Hater then posted not one but two game play videos:

In a cunning attempt to get us to pony up for the massively expensive Collections Edition, SWTOR showed the beast being unboxed:

While the goodies all look very nice, especially the Collector's in-game store, I think I'll just take my colour stone for the preorder and be done with it.

Then Force Junkies posted the Q&A from the New York Comic Con in its entirety, which is very nice:
 posted a recap of the Q&A as well, along with their video of it.

Next I find an excerp of the new Star Wars TOR novel, Revan, from Random House.

TORWars delivered a nice interview from NYCC with David Bass:

TOR-Talk interviewed Daniel Erickson, featuring Daniel swearing!

Still what is mysterious is there has been no mention of another Beta Weekend. With only 2 months left to go before release, Bioware are fast running out of time to get all the 1 million people signed up into testing. Now given they said everyone who was signed up to test would get a look at a Beta Weekend at some point, I do hope they are not going to dismiss this promise and go back on their word. Once is bad enough (they said Beta Weekends would be all throughout September and delivered exactly one), but twice? Say it ain't so.

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