Saturday, 15 October 2011

NYCC: 15 Flashpoints, More Than One Operation

The main Star Wars The Old Republic panel from the New York Comic Con (and also video games etc) certainly had some interesting information.

We learned that there will be 15 Flashpoints in the game at launch. There were 12 heroic dungeons in WoW Wrath, and 7 in Cataclysm, so 15 is a pretty good number, assuming that all of them are available at maximum level as heroics.

There is also at least one more Operation to be announced yet, which is good news, because a single Op with only 5-6 bosses will get old soon. Unless they are planning on releasing some new content PDQ.

It was confirmed that your character's appearance will change if they slip to the dark side. This is cool and if it is done like in Fable, will be very nice. I do have concerns that the changes might wreck my carefully selected character appearance, but I guess we'll have to see what they have in store before making any judgements. I plan on playing a nasty nasty dark side Sith character, so the toon looking as bad-ass as it is should be cool.

TORWars have a full audio play back of the panel, and Darth Hater posted a highlights video of the panel, so you can get the virtual experience. They also posted a live blog.

Later there was a Q&A panel, which Darth Hater has posted a live blog of. Not really much news in this one. have full videos of both panel on their site.

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