Saturday, 8 October 2011

TOROCast Interviews Daniel Erickson, talks Social Hubs

TOROCast interviewed Daniel Erickson, Lead Writer, at Eurogamer. Sadly there was serious communications interference, making the audio very hard to hear. A communications disruption can mean only one thing...

Luckily TOROCast have posted a transcript of the whole interview, so you can read along. Daniel Erickson talks about the social hub they are putting into the game, where end gamers should be hanging out:
There’s—one, they are actually the segues off to most of the endgame content, and a whole lot of the Flashpoints and things like that. In addition, they are rest hubs, and we’re making it very easy to get to them directly, so what we’re hoping is that especially for elder game players, this is going to be where those players log on and off, and where most people come together to put groups together, to go off and do any of the elder game stuff.
This sounds cool, the atmosphere of hanging out in Ironforge or Orgrimmar in WoW is pretty cool, especially in Vanilla cos everyone was wandering around there, forming groups to go do this raid or that dungeon. What they are putting together sounds much like Dalaran was in Wrath; a social hub to do your professions, dailies, find groups and get to the bank.

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