Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Beta Invites Out

Stephen Reid updated his invites thread, and actually made a new one and locked it, saying more Beta Testing and Beta Weekend invites have gone out:
Hello everyone -

First and most important notice:

This afternoon we sent out two more batches of invites. Half were general Game Testing invites, half were additional invites to this weekend's Beta Testing Weekend #2. These invites went out to USA, Canada and European countries (all of our launch countries). Adding more invites is pretty standard practice for us; it helps brings up our numbers so we hit our targets during testing.

Again, make sure you check your email, looking for an email from the exact email address of for your invite.

Please note: the email will just inform you of your acceptance to testing and will link you to There are no other 'requirements' to test The Old Republic, so don't be fooled by a phishing email.

If you're unsure if you've been invited, login to the site at to check - you'll be able to download the client from there.

Second and less important notice:

We're going to leave this thread locked as a purely informational resource. There was a little too much noise-to-signal ratio in the last thread.

When we send invites, I'll add a post to the thread and update the main OP above.

Now to check my testing status in a hopeful manner. Remember you can just log in to and go to to see if you are invited.

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