Monday, 6 February 2012

[Spoilers] I've Done A Bad Thing

Spoilers for the Sith Warrior story line ahead.

I got to the end of the Sith Warrior Chapter 1. After hunting down the mysterious Padawan's family, to flush her out, I found her family. Rather than kill them, I got them to swear loyalty to the Empire and sent them off to Drummond Khaas. When I contacted my master, Darth Baras, he was pleased... because he can torture them and make their daughter feel their pain. I claimed this was always part of my plan!

This plan, although horrible, did work and she contacted me to meet. Problem was, it was a setup and her master eventually called Baras out for a duel. Of course, he sent me and I faced her master in combat. Now this is the really bad part.

It seems the Padawan's master Nomen Karr has a vendetta against Darth Baras, and the combat on Hutta takes place over 3 encounters. Each time he is beaten and I taunted him to give into his anger to kill me. Long story short, at the end of the fight I had turned this Jedi Master to the dark side, complete with Sith corruption effects!

Jaesa Willsaam, the Padawan, then decides that she will take me on. I defeated her, and she is amazed she cannot kill me. She comes to realize the power of the dark side, that if I can turn her master, then the Light side is too weak. So not only have I turned a Jedi Master to the dark side, but I get a shiny new dark-side Padawan companion in the form of Jaesa.

Wow, what an awesome end to Chapter 1!

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