Wednesday, 15 February 2012

[Spoilers] Sith Warrior Chapter 2 Shenanigans

I finally finished Chapter 2 of the Sith Warrior story line last night, and what an ending it was! The following contains spoilers for the SW story in SWTOR.

After hunting down the 4 members of the Republic War Council for Darth Baras and Plan Zero, I was heartily congratulated. The Republic were in shambles, their best war leaders dead by my hand. Now the Empire was ready for war, and the Republic was bound to fail.

One of the targets I had to kill was in his space ship above Quesh, but had somehow gotten wind of the plan to kill him, and escaped. Darth Baras' master, Darth Vengean, had attacked the target and due to the botch, had lost face on the Dark Council.

Now was the time to strike, Vengean was weak and his death would be supported by the council. I was helped by another of Baras' apprentices, Lord Draagh, and together we stormed the sanctuary of Darth Vengean and killed him. This allowed Darth Baras to ascend to a seat on the Dark Council, and our work together would begin. The aim - to destroy the Republic in a galactic war. Baras even called me his "friend".

However, it seemed that first I needed to go fix a problem on Quesh. Apparently the Empire's adrenal supplies were being threatened by the Republic. So off to Quesh I went and was sent to a cave to stop a bomb being detonated, which could destroy the adrenal factory.

I fought my way to the end, but I was too late to stop the Republic officer pushing the detonate button! Except the bomb failed to go off, allowing me to kill him and holocall back to Lord Draagh.

Now the fun began. Draagh revealed that the bomb was not meant for the adrenals, but for me. I had become too powerful for Baras, the real trigger was in the hands of Draagh and I was to die. The bomb was detonated and I ended up on the floor, dead? They forgot about the medical probe, clearly.

Through hazy vision I saw two shadowy shapes stood over me - they discussed whether to help or not. Eventually they decided to leave me there, and if I am "the one" I would come to see them at the base on Quesh. Most mysterious.

Obviously being the awesome Sith I am, plus having some uber modded armour, I recovered and headed back to the base. I met with the two characters who revealed that they are members of "The Emperors' Hand", a covert group who sit between the Emperor and the Dark Council and do his bidding. Not even the Dark Council suspect of the existence of such a group.

Now this is where it got really quite awesome - I was to become The Emperor's Wrath, working for the Emperor directly, above the Dark Council. My work will be striking down the enemies of the Emperor, the first of which is Darth Baras. Baras is trying to convince the rest of the Dark Council that he is The Voice Of The Emperor, speaks the Emperor's truths and should be followed. Quite why the Emperor won't come out of reclusivity and tell the Dark Council Baras is a fake is unknown.

Because Baras thinks I am dead, I can operate in secret, and the agents of The Hand Of The Emperor are every where. I was good with this plan, after all I owed Baras payback.

If you thought turning a Jedi Master and his apprentice was cool, working for the main man The Emperor in a secret uber-group is utterly awesome. Given who else was The Emperor's Wrath, the position is a very awesome one.

The first step is to stop Baras freeing his sister, one Darth Ekkage, imprisoned on Belsavis...

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