Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sith Warrior Vengeance pre-Shatter priority

Using this build in the Vengeance tree, I got the core skill of Impale early on. However, I have been playing without Shatter for a while, so here is what I've been doing.

Recall the Sith Warrior way is to build rage then spend it, your Assault and Sundering Assault build the rage, along with Smash and Force Charge. I tend to Force Charge into a pack of mobs, then Smash (which is rage free with this build). Then build some rage with 1 Sundering Assault, putting it on cool down.

Without Shatter, the priority is quite straight forward; Impale will apply a buff which makes Force Scream get 60% extra crit (thanks to the Savagery talent), thus you always want to Impale, then Force Scream before the buff falls off. So I tend to then Impale and immediately Force Scream.

After that it's a case of waiting for Impale to come back off cool down, so I build more rage, keeping Sundering Assault on cool down and filling in with Smash and Assault. The Decimate talent makes Smash hit hard, so it is worth using when not on CD, below Impale and a Savagery-enhanced Force Scream.

Sometimes you will be almost capping your rage before Impale is off CD, in which case I tend to spend the extra rage on a Retaliation, because it is off the GCD, so you can then immediately hit another spell. Going over the 12 rage cap is bad, but so is not having the rage to do an Impale.

Now the Savagery buff lasts 9 seconds, so you do not always need to Scream after you Impale. In fact, if the mob has low health, I will Assault to build rage and finish it off (with a single Assault), then Scream at the next target. Thus not over-killing the mob I was fighting. Even better is Force Scream works at range, so you can use it while running at a mob (if Force Charge is on CD).

This priority is all very natural and flows together well. Adding Shatter into the mix is a bit more interesting, it needs a Sundering Assault debuff on the mob to work, which can be tricky in packs, so I am still feeling my way through what order to use the skills in when you have Shatter.

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