Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight Starter Guide P3

The final part of the guide. Parts One and Two.

Primary Stats
Alas SWTOR has not done anything to reduce the mass of stats that a typical MMO has. The Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior primary stat is Strength. Endurance is also important, to survive hits and especially if you are going the tank route.

Willpower is apparently no use now, as things have been changed to only use Strength, even force attacks. This is according to

Secondary Stats
There are also secondary stats which are:

Absorption - increases the amount damage is reduced by a shield.
Accuracy - increases the change to hit a target. When above 100% it continues to have benefit for armour penetration. Similar to Hit Rating in WoW.
Alacrity - casting or channeling haste, reduces the time of the GCD for instant casts. Similar to Haste in WoW.
Armor - increases the amount of armour you have, which absorbs physical and kinetic damage.
Crit - increases the chance of getting any sort of critical hit.
Defense - increases the chance of parrying or deflecting a hit, but not the damage absorbed when you are hit (see armor/absorption). Similar to Dodge in WoW.
Expertise - the PvP stat, this increases damage and healing done and reduces damage taken. Slightly similar to resilience in WoW, but also quite different.
Force Power - increases damage and healing which use force abilities. Similar to Spell Power in WoW, if spells were force powers.
Presence - increases companion abilities - healing, damage and health.
Shield - increases the chance an attack will be shielded. Similar to block in WoW.
Surge - increases the amount of extra damage a critical strike will do.

Ultimately ships in SWTOR are all the same during Space Combat, but the look and feel of the things are different.

The SW ship is a massive Tie Advanced like thing, it really seems to have been taken from X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter and grown somewhat. Although the ship looks like a Tie Advanced, it is pretty big consisting of several rooms inside. It is all utilitarian and Sith like, but looks pretty nice duking it out in space.

The JK ship is a grown version of the shops Obi Wan used in the new trilogies and the Clone Wars animated series. Inside it is quite Jedi like with a meditation chamber and some Jedi like fittings, to make you think you are still on Tython in the Jedi temple.

Well talents start at level 10 when you choose an Advanced class, so that will be the subject of another guide.

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