Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight Starter Guide P2

Continuing my starter guide to the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior, at low levels, before the Advanced Class. See Part One for gameplay, resources and reactive abilities.

Spell Rotations
Rotations or priority as such, given there are no fixed rotations here. At low levels, you only have the one "form" where you just make Focus/Rage by striking, so things are simple.

Enter combat with a Force Leap/Charge, which builds up 3 Focus/Rage. Then do a Force Sweep/Smash to AOE damage the mob pack and stun them. At this point I tend to build some Focus/Rage with Strike/Assault, the basic attack.

You want enough Focus/Rage to use Riposte/Retaliation as soon as it becomes available, which means not hovering around 0 but probably 3 Focus/Rage.

However if the mobs are due to die, either spend all the Focus/Rage or be ready to Force Leap/Charge into another mob straight away, then spam some high Focus/Rage attacks on the next mobs for lots of damage. Wasting Focus/Rage makes the Jedi and Sith cry, you see.

Story Line
In this regard the two classes are quite different. The Sith Warrior story line involves doing missions for your Sith Master, being his personal "attack dog" and terrorizing the systems on his behalf. You assist in helping him gain power in the Sith Empire. The SW story line is very cool.

The JK on the other hand travels the galaxy aiding people and trying to root out a dark menace which the Jedi have detected, but can't put their finger on. The Jedi story, compared to the Sith one, is far more "nice" as you'd expect, but I have found some fun being mean and all dark side.

Dark/Light Side
Dark and Light side choices are available for either the Jedi or Sith. On both sides there is gear for either alignment, my Jedi has gone to the dark side and has Dark I alignment, so she can use a red light saber crystal.

There is a lot of fun to be had being a dark side Jedi, you get to do bad things and not many people find out, only your companion tends to know what you are doing. You simply lie to the Npcs and they buy it. Of course a light side Jedi will be as you expect.

Dark side Sith is most suitable for the messages of strength, domination and power the Sith project. Still, there are ample chances to be a total maniac in the story. You can also play nice and spare those you could execute, try to avoid killing people unnecessarily, which will get you light side points.

The companions available to the low level JK and SW are a tank type with ranged damage, and a ranged damage dealer respectively. These will both perform the role of ranged damage dealers, although I found the SW companion a bit more annoying, it's all down to personal taste of course.

Next part soon.

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