Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday Morning Maintenance?!

Saturday morning GMT? Really? How much more peak time can you get. Ah, Saturday afternoon. Let's hope the maintenance doesn't overrun!

Now we start to see the disadvantage of a global maintenance time, skewed toward the USA of course. The early hours of the morning CST are in fact bang in the morning in the UK. On a weekend day.

This does of course mean most hard players will be asleep until lunch time, having stayed up till the wee small hours. However, some of us can get up at a reasonable 9 or 10am, only to find the servers down.

Are Bioware rushing their fixes a little much, thus needing extra down time to fix what they broke in a fix?

So if you are exasperated and irritated by this odd maintenance time, why not try the following Free To Play MMOs:

Star Trek Online
Recently F2P, this game may have no end game and is clearly a generation behind SWTOR, but it's a lot of fun. The space combat really stands out and kicks the kolto out of the rail shooter in SWTOR. Plus it runs well on hardware that SWTOR would kill.

DC Universe Online
A superhero F2P game, a fair amount of customisation is locked into the cash shop, but you can roll a superman-like superhero and fly around. The early gameplay doesn't have quite the story of SWTOR, but it's fun enough killing bad guys with fireballs, or machine guns, or whatever power you choose. The game seems to need similar hardware to SWTOR to run well.

Sorry, I meant you could spend the downtime downloading these games. DCUO is 10 gigs, whereas STO will come down in 2-3 gigs. Maybe if you have great Internet pipes they will come down fast.

There's always single player games, I suppose. That, or lobbying the forums to get the EU maintenance moved to a better time!

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