Friday, 6 April 2012

Patch 1.2 UI Customization Video

No, not the official video Bioware posted up, no. Something far more different.

Here is the video I made of the patch 1.2 UI customizations, from the PTR. Now I had intended on looking at the Legacy system and other exciting things, but Bioware haven't got character copying working yet, so the only toons allowed on the PTR are your own low level toons. Oh, or you can level a character on the PTR which they probably won't wipe. Unless they do. No premade level 50 toons either, which means testing things on the PTR is restricted to low level things. Such as the new UI fiddlings.

The video is embedded above, but there are 720p and 1080p versions on YouTube so you can see the new UI menus very clearly. Enjoy.

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