Friday, 2 December 2011

GamePro Review SWTOR

What is most exciting about this review is that it features one Julian Rignall, ex-editor of ZZAP!64. Now that takes me back a long way. What is interesting is that they criticise SWTOR quite a bit, and some of it is valid, and some is down to them not being MMO gamers and thus loving the grind. For example the starter zones are compared to the Death Knight zone in WoW Lich King, and I must agree that the DK start experience was epic, whereas the Sith Inquisitor starter area is less so. It's still pretty damn good tho. Apart from the tomb raiding.

Some of the criticism is a bit silly, like complaining that there is role play plot in a massively multiplayer roleplaying game. Some of the reviewers really want to skip the quest text, and just play the game like some sort of guided grind-fest, being told where to go and what to do. I never understood people who play games like that, but they are out there, so this review does show that some people won't like the cinematic conversation stuff in TOR.

Anyway check it out if you want a less than glowing review of SWTOR.

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