Monday, 29 August 2011

Beta testing weekends start... this weekend!

The most exciting news from PAX Prime was that the Beta Testing weekends start this weekend, September 2nd. Darth Hater has the notes from the developer presentation where they announced it, and Massively is where I spotted the news first.

Now there is some discussion over whether this is US only, or US and EU, or world wide. From what @RockJaw has said, the beta testing weekends are a weekend pass with time to download before the servers open. Now the US will get in first, with the EU following "soon" which I hope to mean the weekend of September 9th.

The beta test weekend is just that, only the weekend, so you'll need to carve out some serious free time if you get chosen, with potentially only 3 days to play. I mean test. Yeah test.

I am also not sure if those testing will be under NDA, or whether the internets is about to let rip with a massive flood of TOR screenshots, impressions and videos. One can only hope so.

Even under NDA so you can't tell anyone anything, the chance to "test" for even an evening is too good to pass up, so I (along with everyone else) will be keenly watching my inbox. Then not nothing about anything.

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